Flags of the Kingdom of Araucania & Patagonia
and of the Mapuche Nation

Kingdom of Araucania & Patagonia

The Kingdom of Araucania and Patagonia was established in 1860. The tricolor flag of the Kingdom was created by King Orelie-Antoine I and first used in 1861. Its colors are blue, white and green.

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Mapuche Nation number approximately 1.8 million people, 1.1 million living in Chile and the remainder living in Argentina. On March 18-21, 1991 the Consejo de Todas las Tierras -- an umbrella organization of many local Mapuche groups -- met to establish flags for the Mapuche nation and local Mapuche sub-groups. A design competition was held and more than 500 designs were submitted. One flag for the Mapuche nation and five flags for five regional Mapuche groups were adopted in 1992.

Mapuche Nation






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