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Prince Philippe has collected a certain number of original documents, showing the efforts of the different Kings of Araucania and Patagonia made in order to consolidate the Kingdom established by Orélie-Antoine on November 17, 1860.

These document are held in the personel archives of Prince Philippe and are shown here for the first time to the public.

We are showing them in the chronological order beginning with those of the era of Orélie-Antoine.

  • Extract of birth certificate of Antoine Tounens with the marginal modification in "de Tounens"
  • Letter dated june 18, 1861 to Mr. Massoubre  editor of the newspaper Les Echos de Vesone, Périgueux
  • Letter dated july 18, 1861 to Mr. Massoubre  editor of the newspaper Les Echos de Vesone, Périgueux
  • Correspondence of Orélie-Antoine of june 1863  with Mr. Magne, member of the private council of Napoléon III
  • Letter of Orélie-Antoine dated september 27, 1863  to Paul Dupont, deputy, sending him the copies of the correspondence with
    Mr. Magne, the minister, and the Emperor
  • Letter of Orélie-Antoine dated october 1, 1863  to a lodgebrother , concerning the distributon of his book
  • Letter dated march 1, 1865 of Orélie-Antoine  to the minister of public education
  • Letter of Orélie-Antoine dated july 24, 1865  to Mr Massoubre asking the publication of his loan of honour
  • Letter of Orélie-Antoine dated october 18, 1866  with receipt for the subscription to the loan of honour
  • La Couronne d'Acier  Newspaper of Orélie-Antoine dated march 9, 1872
  • La Couronne d'Acier  Nwspaper of Orélie-Antoine dated june 1, 1872
  • Letter of Orélie-Antoine dated february 18, 1873  to his brother, announcing a prospected mariage

  • Royaume d'Araucanie & Patagonie